TERI CBS Sustainability Leadership Survey 2016

TERI Council for Business Sustainability (formerly known as TERI BCSD) is a guide to the Indian corporate diaspora encouraging business people to develop a vision of a sustainable company, translate that vision into a management action plan and turn sustainability into a competitive advantage.


Through this short survey, TERI Council for Business Sustainability (TERI CBS) is attempting to identify business actions, achievements on mitigating climate change and encouraging sustainable development. The survey will help us to identify and co-create business justifiable project ideas with leading organizations in order to mainstream sustainability in their business planning and practices.


Objectives of the survey

  • To recognize business actions in the area of sustainable development
  • To assess corporate India challenges in meeting its sustainability goals
  • To assess the awareness of the top (public and private) companies in India towards environmental responsibility and sustainable development
  • To assess organization plans for mitigating climate change impacts on its business and the environment

Some of the specific issues that would be looked at include examining management attitudes and practice with respect to environmental sustainability; the consumption of electricity, gas and water and the efforts made by companies to lower usage; as well as their waste management practices and product design.      


Your response to this short survey will be of high value to help us align our services with your sustainability initiatives and deliver increased economic, environmental and social value to your organization.


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Disclaimer: This survey will not be used for solicitation by TERI CBS. Any company-specific information will not be shared with any third party organization. The information will only be used to identify trends at the macro level, sustainable best practices and intervention areas to better align TERI CBS initiatives.